A silent note

A year not like the others that we have been through
Since many things were taken away from me and you
Little by little, a piece from mind and a piece from soul
Day by day, heart sinks and sorrow grows

Another day passing by that I have been through
Chasing feet constantly rumble the code blues
Racing against time to save the people’s lives
Wondering why life is such a fragile line

The new dawn begins when the sun sheds the light upon
My surroundings I only feel so damp and cold
Is it because the Winter’s chill knocks on my windows,
Or the broken sleeps still creep into my weary soul?

When the wind kisses the last Autumn leaves,
The falling leaves…. I behold and I grieve
‘Tis the cycle of life that I can’t deny
Just like a rhythm of life that goes low and high

L.V (5th Jan, 2021)

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