Poem for a chill day

“Will there be a day?”

I wonder myself if there will be a day
When people’s fear will be swept away
After the relentless nights, the darkest time will be ceased
And the peaceful dreams will lull you and me

I wonder myself what tomorow will be like
Will the sun still gorgeously shine?
After the mighty storm that just passed last night,
Will there be the rainbow at the horizontal line?

When the world we live now turns upside down,
Harmony and Happiness are nowhere to be found
Only Faith and Hope do keep us stay strong
One day, pain and sorrow will all be gone

There will be a day that I believe
Life will be filled with love and empathy,
The bright blue sky will be seen through your eyes
And your genuine smile that again I believe to find

L.V (24th Nov, 2020)

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